Awakening the Human Operating System

Article by Jon Young, author of What the Robin Knows: How Birds Reveal the Secrets of the Natural World. February 2013.

Human beings–and I mean me and you–have been living with a particular operating system and hardware design for more than a million years. Human beings, and now I will say “we”, are designed for a particular way of being, of using our senses, of relating, and even thinking. I have dedicated my life to understanding the implications of this basic history we all share. Through the work of deep nature connection, strategic mentoring and applied cultural modeling, I have seen incredible results.

People are designed to be connected to nature. Period. When we reconnect and get our operating system re-booted, magic happens. It’s designed that way. Healing occurs. Deep understanding emerges. Health and vitality increase. Creativity comes to the fore. Leadership–organic, authentic and potent–is the result. In his Ted Talk, Sir Ken Robinson urges us to help the next generations move towards genius as the best way to prepare them for a dynamic, fast-changing and very challenging future. Deep nature connection can help there too.

This March, I am going to the Kalahari again to join up with a group of Naro Bushmen who are striving to maintain as much of their culture as they can. Each time I am there, I do my best to help them understand the way we work with cultural elements in the 8 Shields movement globally. Several of the leaders of this community have reflected back to me that this is helping them think about what they do and who they are with more intention. That is my hope, and I want to understand from these living people who are still mostly in touch with this blue-print we share. The 8 Shields movement is a best-practices network dedicated to restoring and strengthening the connection between people and themselves, people and people, and, of course people and nature. This helps get that good old operating system back on line.

I have found that there are folks in the world of films and media who understand just what we are doing with respect to the world of culture, mentoring and nature connection and its implications. The Great Dance film by Foster Brothers Films has deeply inspired and touched many around the world. There have been literally hundreds of millions of people who have had the opportunity to view that excellent film. We will be joined by Craig Foster – who, with his brother Damon, created this amazing film about and through the eyes, words and spirit of the San Bushmen. This is an award-winning piece of film and touches so many very deeply–awakening a sense of understanding of the ancient blueprint in all of us.

Craig and I are teaming up this year in Botswana to visit with the Naro Bushmen, to explore bird language with them, and with the excellent trackers of Capture Africa in the Okavango Delta. This will be an incredible thing to experience on its own. We are joined this year with Dan Gardoqui, the science editor of my most recent book What the Robin Knows: How Birds Reveal the Secrets of the Natural World. If you were coming only for the bird language learning experience it would be enough, but what excites this year is the opportunity to imagine and discuss a media production project that Craig, myself and the 8 Shields Institute are envisioning to help scale the ability to train leaders globally in deep nature connection mentoring.

Please come if you can and want to help with this development. If you know people who might want to help, please tell them and share this article.

Here’s a link to the trip information for this year. I hope to meet you in the Kalahari.

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