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Connecting People with Nature to Inspire Global and Personal Regeneration.
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  • Bird Language Weeklong Intensive – Registration Open!
  • Free Open House Call – Nature Mentoring Community Online
  • Upcoming Programs
  • Greetings from Jon

    Greetings friends,

    There are many exciting opportunities in development that offer a chance to build credibility for the deep nature connection movement – I’ll be able to give you a sneak peak at some of this exciting news this month, and more in the months to come.

    The past year has been a big one for extending our media coverage around the importance of nature connection and mentoring. I was honored to be interviewed as part of several film projects  that are reaching worldwide audiences with a timely message of the benefits of deep connection with the earth and community.

    Mother Nature’s Child examines the important role of nature connection in children’s health and development, and the ramifications of losing this opportunity in today’s generation and beyond.

    The film Play Again follows a group of technology-addicted teens who are “unplugged” from their five to fifteen hours of daily screen watching to immerse themselves in nature in a wilderness adventure. Leading experts in a wide variety of fields including neuroscience, education, and the environment add depth to the discussion of the consequences of a childhood barred from nature.

    Donna Read and Starhawk have teamed up to create an “anti-dote” to the despair that so many are experiencing in the light of current environmental degradation. Permaculture: The Growing Edge highlights solutions in the form of current projects that demonstrate hopeful progress and a path to a positive future.

    The Earth & Spirit Council interviewed me about my upbringing in deep nature connection and mentoring, and what it means to develop these kinds of connections.

    I send my thanks to everyone in these organizations and production firms that are making these projects and good messages possible – we’ve been getting good feedback from viewers about the quality and depth of these films.

    Three more exciting films will be debuting in the next year. The first is a documentary filmed this last year in South Africa that includes a master tracker, a traditional Aboriginal tracker from Australia, myself, and skilled animal communicator Anna Breytenbach. This documentary will be aired on PBS. The project was created by the award-winning Foster Brothers Films, the team responsible for other amazing productions including The Great Dance; Into the Dragon’s Lair (an award-winning film featured on Animal Planet); and Sharkman, featured on both Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel.

    The Great Turning Film explores the potential for positive movement into the future in the face of current environmental challenges and the deep yearning for real connection that modern culture is facing.

    Meanwhile, our team is refining some near term objectives as the culmination of three and a half years of strategy refinement. Our goals include the development of local offerings in deep nature connection and cultural mentoring in the Greater San Francisco Bay area. Stay tuned for information on these projects.

    Additional offerings include international leadership training to help communities get started with the 8 Shields mentoring model, university-based accreditation for a training pathway, and the development of new products to help meet the rising demand for training.

    The year 2011 will see the launch of important initiatives for lifting the deep nature connection movement to a higher level worldwide.

    OWLink Media is also moving the bulk of our operations to California, with the exception of product fulfillment, which remains in Washington state. We send a heartfelt thank you to Deb Winters, who has held the position of CFO at OWLink for the past 16 years. She will be leaving us at the end of this month to pursue other endeavors. Deb we thank you for your hard work, dedication, and integrity over these many years. May the wind be in your sails for the next leg of your journey.

    Bird Language Weeklong Intensive

    Location: Pescadero, California April 17-23rd

    Online registration is now open!!

    Discover how the most elusive animals in the forest detect danger
    and move secretly to avoid it. Learn how to move in harmony with the
    landscape and interpret the language of the forests and fields, by
    learning the language of the birds.
    This week offers a deep experiential approach to learning this ancient skillset. Whether you are new to bird language or have been at it for a while, this event will be sure to deepen your skills and open new realms of questions to explore.
    Join Jon Young, Dan Fontaine and the staff of the Regenerative Design & Nature Awareness program for this
    favorite event! Learn more.

    Nature Mentoring Community Online
    Free Open House Call – Wednesday, February 23 7-8:30PM PST
    us to get a taste of our weekly calls and experience for yourself the
    gift of having weekly conversations with Jon Young and many others who
    are enlivened by their nature connection and people connection journey.

    To register for the free call, click the link below and enter in your name and email.

    Nature Mentoring Community Online – Feb. 23 Open House Call

    For more information about Nature Mentoring Community Online visit:

    Upcoming Programs

    Mentoring & The Sacred Hunt

    Location: Sand Point, Idaho March 4-6th

    Jon Young and Randall Eaton are visiting the Twin
    Eagles Wilderness School community for a weekend of exploration into
    approaching hunting in a sacred manner, which develops deep feelings of relatedness, reciprocity and responsibility toward the web of life in the hunter. Learn more at the Twin Eagles website.

    Nature Connection, Spiritual Well-being and Cultural Repair

    Location: Findhorn Garden, Scotland   March 19th
    A special 3 day intensive! Through storytelling from earth based cultures around the world, Jon
    brings us an enduring vision of how we can create nature based culture
    and global healing.

    Art of Mentoring

    Like learning a language through an immersion program, mentoring is best experienced firsthand through the body, heart, and spirit. Come play with us as we weave a village together at this experiential event!
    Location: Scotland June 26th – July 2nd

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