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Connecting People with Nature to Inspire Global and Personal Regeneration.
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  • Learn to Build a Rocketstove

  • Nature Mentoring

    Certification Call Series

    text goes hereIf you haven’t heard about it yet, the Nature Mentoring Call Series is off to an amazing start.

    The series condenses the accumulated wisdom of Jon’s 30 + years of experience in the arts of nature connection and cultural mentoring into a very accessible format – learn each week from your own home!
    Enrollment is ongoing and prorated, and this is a great time to join during the pilot period since you can save 33% off the regular enrollment price. Learn more.
    Learn how to design & build a super efficient stove and cob bench to heat your home in this three day class with Erica and Ernie Wisner.
    Location: Santa Cruz, CA

    Kamana.org is Re-opening!

    text goes hereHere is a message from our friend Dan Corcoran, Director of the Kamana Naturalist Training Program at Wilderness Awareness School.

    “It’s been quite a journey.

    This one simple thing changed the course of my life. I learned about Kamana from my brother, when I was a senior in college – over 10 years ago. I tried it out and it expanded my world. All I did was go outside and sit at one spot in nature. Emotions started flowing through me. My grief came up. But so did my passion. And my desire to seize this life that I had been given.

    I’d like to invite you on an adventure. This is an adventure about learning about the natural world, but it’s much more than that. It’s about finding your gifts and gaining a sense of belonging wherever you are. It’s about connecting with other people that are on a similar path. It’s about living your potential as a human being.

    I can’t promise that it will be perfect. But I do promise that it will be real. Along the ride will be stories of how the Kamana program has improved people’s lives. Thousands of people.

    If you could do something simple to enhance your life, why wouldn’t you? Go ahead. Click the link below.


    All the best,

    Dan Corcoran

    K871- Kamana Graduate

    Kamana Director

    PS Jon Young, author of Kamana, is an incredible motivator.

    You’ve got to check this interview that we shot for Kamana.org

    (it’s FREE when you opt-in)

    Africa Trip Spring 2011 –

    Journey to the Kalahari

    text goes hereApril 27-May 6, 2011

    Experience an ancient way of living and caring for the land. For this safari we walk with the San people, learning from the incredible connection they have to their land.

    Spend the first 6 days at a lodge in the Kalahari Desert with the San (Bushmen) tribe, learning their ways first-hand. This safari is quite unique, often on foot and truly a gift of our indigenous guides. Forage, track and walk with them as they share their tremendous spirit of place.

    Second journey to the Khwai River, bordering on Moremi National Park. Here we can practice the skills learned from the Bushmen with expert tracker Jon Young, wildlife biologist Nicole Apelian, and local guides who have an intimate relationship with the land.

    We will walk with the San on their daily routine, tracking, hunting and gathering to feed their family. In turn the revenue we bring to them helps preserve the native lands they’ve thrived on for thousands of years.

    To join us on this journey, learn more at Trackers International – http://www.trackersinternational.com

    or call/email Nicole at (503)-367-6296/ nicole@trackersinternational.com

    Enrollment is limited to 12 participants.

    Remembering Ingwe

    text goes hereAs we dive deeper into the fall season, we reach the time in which many cultures traditionally gather to remember the ancestors.
    One elder who passed on many good teachings to us was Ingwe, born M. Norman Powell in 1914 in South Africa, who became an adopted and much loved Grandfather to many in the nature connection and mentoring movement. Ingwe passed at the age of 91 on November 13, 2005.
    Ingwe often said, “The children listen not only with their ears, but also with their hearts. These will be the teachers of tomorrow, they will be the saviors of our Mother Earth. We must reach out to all children. . . they are our hope for the future. They are the future.”
    Jon Young shares a remembrance of Ingwe’s Sacred Fire in this short recording from the Nature Mentoring Call Series. Listen to the recording.

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