Gerry Brady and the Bones

My old friend Gerry Brady is coming this week from Ireland to visit our community here in California. Gerry is an incredible elder, a one-man mentoring, musical and marvelous healing presence. Together with Paul Raphael, myself, and Andy Webster, Gerry will be sharing his musical skills and the tradition of playing  and making a set of Bones at a special workshop coming up soon!

At the U.K. Art of Mentoring I was amazed to witness his magic as an elder, an uncle, a mentor and a wonderful inspiration for all. Gerry was one of the most powerful elements going. As an accomplished musician and storyteller he seems to have no limit to the songs he can sing and recall.

It is totally refreshing to find elders of this caliber from anywhere, but especially exciting to meet one from Ireland!

the 1969 LP album cover of The Beggarman

This is the 1969 LP album cover of The Beggarman. Gerry is in the middle with the mandolin!

Gerry with Aidan

Gerry with my son Aidan 22 years ago!

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