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Connecting People with Nature to Inspire Global and Personal Regeneration.

My life’s work is connecting people deeply to nature. In over 25 years of mentoring people, I’ve seen that deep nature connection changes us. It rewires us and enables us to make much more of our human potential.

I collaborate with organizations and individuals around the world who are seeking to foster deeper community and nature connections through the power of cultural and coyote mentoring principles. My keynote talks and trainings are based on a lifetime of personal experience combined with the input and guidance of cultural specialists from around the world.

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The awareness required to understand the birds really does help us to know ourselves. When all the thoughts are stripped away, when all the anxieties and fears are stripped away, who am I? Deep bird language has taught me at least some of the answers, and it has taught many others as well.Read more on my blog at

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Seeing Through Native Eyes 2nd Edition with Jon Young
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Reclaiming Our Natural Connections CD set cover with Jon Young

8 CDs with master storyteller Jon Young
For hundreds of thousands of years there have been people living on the Earth, sharing their lives with the myriad intermingled life forms supporting them. The human body has many “tracks and signs” of this ancient legacy of nature connection.
Until just the last few decades and generations, the human family mostly maintained a critical mass of these connections intact. Now, we are all realizing, for our well-being and the well-being of the natural systems that support us, it’s time for us to re-claim our natural connections. Learn more…
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Reclaiming Our Natural Connections with Jon Young
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